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Jocelyn Zhu
Violin studio

A curiosity-based teaching philosophy that focuses on the holistic artist.

I consider all artists members of a global family. As my students hail from vastly different backgrounds, I tailor my approach based on the individual student's needs, short and long-term goals, hopes, and dreams. By developing each performers' unique strengths and interests, I equip them to become fully-empowered individuals, both on and off the stage.

In one-to-one lessons, I strengthen violin technique and musical understanding by fostering curiosity through the systemized scientific method: goal-setting, hypothesizing, strategizing, and problem solving. That, and the innate joy that comes from learning from the masters that precede us, creates a holistic learning experience that I am excited to share with you.

Performance-Oriented Study

Through live performance, my students learn effective and confident communication, transferable life skills such as public speaking, timely preparation, and ultimately, personal confidence when faced with challenges.

In addition to two annual studio recitals, I also support students in their exploration of auditions, competitions, and summer festivals.

Reflective Practice

The seeds of true musical growth are planted not on the stages of concert halls, but in the daily regiment of practice undertaken at home.

In order to develop a consistent and impactful practice system, the attitude with which we approach violin work in lessons will be curiosity-based, encourage creativity, and help at-home sessions become motivating, inspiring, and enjoyable.

Community Development

In addition to self-expression, another core element of the artistic experience is thoughtful community building. My studio members will find a supportive and encouraging group of students as their peers, have access to opportunities for giving back to their respective communities, and will discover ways to use their art to benefit entities other than themselves.

Students From The Studio

The Juilliard School Pre-College
The Juilliard School Undergraduate Program
Amherst College
Boston University
Boston University Tanglewood Institute
Brown University
Carnegie Mellon
Columbia University
Cornell University
The Frost School of Music - University of Miami
Georgetown University
Indiana University
Johns Hopkins University
The Manhattan School of Music Pre-College
The Manhattan School of Music Undergraduate Program
New England Conservatory
Northwestern University
Stanford University
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Michigan
Williams College
Yale University

American Protege Music Competition
Berkshire Summer Music Program
Boston University Tanglewood Institute
Bowdoin International Music Festival
Berkeley Youth Orchestra
Center Stage Strings at the University of Michigan
The Chamber Music Center of New York
Golden Classical Music Awards
Greenwood Music
Interlochen Arts Academy
Madeline Island Chamber Music
Hartford Symphony Orchestra Young Artists Competition
Music Teachers National Association Competition
Meadowmount School of Music
New York Youth Symphony
Philadelphia Youth Orchestra
RONDO Young Artist Competition
Special Music School at the Kaufman Center
Suzanne Culley Young Artist Competition
VIVO International Music Competition
Young Maestro International Competition

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